Hi! I’m Frédéric Perrin, a French user interface developer, currently a Design Developer at Microsoft in Paris.

Creative coding

I like building beautiful and usable user interfaces whether it’s on the web or in apps. After a ten-year career as a front-end designer and developer I’m now learning how to build apps and specifically the new Windows Universal Apps.

From HTML, CSS and JavaScript to XAML, C# and C++/CX

Of course I like coding! Different languages to implement similar patterns in design and user experience on the web and in apps. In both worlds I encounter similar notions like the MVVM (Model–view–viewmodel) pattern, data binding, handling events…

Design and UX

Small details make a difference! On the design side I’m style guide obsessed. I’ve built several user interface frameworks or style guides to share reusable design elements and front-end components across teams.

On the UX side I’m now learning how to build accessibility features like keyboard navigation and optimizing the experience when using screen readers.

About this site

I use this site as a design and code playground. Learning and experimenting.

My personal blog

This is my personal blog. Its content is my own and is not affiliated with the company I work for.